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First, for sure, we are not going to tell anyone who we are!

Please understand this. We are not able to tell you who we are / who runs the Fugly Bali web site. The reason being is that we name and shame powerful Balinese businessmen, the Soharto family's business interests and Bali's far from ethical police officers. If anyone could find out and prove who we are. We, our families, and friends in Bali would all be at risk. Murder and other human / civil rights abuse is an under reported event in Bali. We have no wish to become part of those unknown statistics thank you. To this end, we have taken proper legal precautions to conceal our identities.

The identity of the owners details of this site can only be obtained by court order in the USA (with ICANN, the authority that governs .org domains) or in the country ownership of our web site is based (we will not even disclose that, except to say it is not in Indonesia, but in a country with strong civil protection laws). We absolutely will fight any attempt to disclose this data under those laws. We will ignore any legal notices from any other country, on jurisdictional grounds. Our whois data has been legally protected to ensure we, our friends and our family are not subjected to abuse.

Fugly Bali's objectives
Quite simply, to help put right the wrongs and make Bali a better and safer place. This means having corrupt police officers jailed, making amends to the Balinese families who were robbed or had their loved ones killed by the Suharto regime, having hotels that violated Bali's building regulations pulled down and the area they were on restored, having businesses who committed fraud and / or other crimes closed down, paying back-dated compensation to employees / suppliers who have been cheated, having an open forum on where all the tax money goes with a view to making sure the Balinese get their fair share. A bit optimistic / ambitious? Oh sure, but that is what it would take to remove Fugly Bali from the Internet. If justice can not prevail in Bali, Fugly Bali will let the world know until that changes.

Do you have something to report about Bali, something Fugly? You can do this with our absolute guarantee that we will protect your anonymity to the same extent as we protect ourselves. You may either email us (see / visit contact page for address), or you may use our anonymous Bali Name & Shame Bulletin Board. Believe it or not, we are doing all of this for other people. For travellers / guests coming to Bali, and for the Balinese themselves. Please realize this and help us to help others make Bali the paradise it claims to be for everyone.

Disclaimer / Complaints / Recourse

We have registered and manage this web site from within the legal jurisdiction of a country outside of Indonesia. This web site exists to inform potential visitors going to Bali about aspects of that island. It is not targetted at residents of Indonesia, although English speaking residents are free to use it. It is published in the English language. Under International precedents and treaties, this means that only courts in the country this web site is based may legally claim jurisdiction. As such, we will totally ignore any legal notices from courts that country or, in the case of the domain name, the USA.

We believe we have taken adequate precautions to ensure the reports / data / claims contained on this web site are accurate, fair and in the public's best interests. That is, they do not constitute defamation. It is our legal duty to ensure nothing published is defamatory. Defamation under this web site's country's law only occurs if there is solid evidence that any part of the published material is false and / or not in the public's best interests. If you are or legally represent an "injured" party (an entity named in this web site who claims there is false data on this web site which causes you harm), please email us with specifics of that contention. We will investigate our sources / detail of information, and if there is sufficient reasonable doubt, we will remove / amend the text, or publish your contention alongside it.

If we advise you that we are not willing to remove / amend the data / text to your satisfaction and you would like to pursue us in a court of law, you must first determine the country where we are based and have a lawyer registered in that country contact us by email. We will require them to agree to a confidentiality agreement (whereby they guarantee our owners identities are not given to you) and, if forthcoming, will provide them with sufficient information to serve us with a court summons. If they are unwilling to agree to such a confidentiality agreement, they will need to first apply for a court order to have our details released. And we can assure you, we will apply to the court for this to be withheld on the basis naming us would render us and our families to human rights abuse and / or criminal acts both in and outside Indonesia.

Finally, if we have reported your hotel and / or business on this site for having bought from or working with the Suharto family (or one of their companies) and / or for contravening building regulations and / or for acting against the Balinese cultural heritage and / or for cheating suppliers, staff or guests. If you accept your hotel / business has been guilty of this in the past, but have made good the damage / wrong done, or are sincerely and actively now trying to find a resolution. Please let us know in detail of this, as we may be prepared to remove or amend details of your business on this web site as a result.

Please do not become a victim or part of the problem. Read:
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