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Report the Fugly Balinese & Indonesians here!
Our name & shame bulletin board allows you to help stop the problems in Bali.
These notice boards are for visitors to and residents of Bali alike.

Fugly Bali's Confidentiality Pledge
We will not disclose any details about people that post details on this Bali bulletin board without an English court order to do so (and even then, we will appeal any court order under our governing privacy & protection laws), unless you ask us to do so. We do NOT show your email or IP address here.

Report Corrupt Bali Police Officers Here
Let other people know what goes on. We will also try and make sure the police chief of Bali is aware of each report / complaint (not that we expect him to do anything, as he is probably the most corrupt office of them all).

Bali Police Bulletin Board (come and take a look).

Report Bad Bali Hotels Here
Help other travellers avoid the Fugly Bali Hotels. If you have experience of bad practice, cheating on staff (or guests or suppliers), credit card fraud, over-charging, bad food or service, we want to know.

Bali Hotels Bulletin Board (for hotels and villas)

Report Fugly Bali Travel Businesses Here
Been cheated by a furniture shop? Been robbed by a money changer? Been taken to the cleaners by a tailor? Had your lawyer work with the police to extort money from you? Had the land sold to you stripped on trees by the previous owner? Been poisoned or ripped off by a restaurant? Seen prostitutes operating in a certain bar, club or hotel? Been offered dope or women on the streets? Seen workers, etc. being abused? Let the world know about it here.

Bali Travel Business Bulletin Board (for everything else)

How to post a message / what happens / verification / fair play:

First, you must register with us .

Second, when you post a message, we review it first to ensure abusive, profane and clearly false messages are not posted on our bulletin boards. After we have done this, your posting will appear on the appropriate bulletin board.

Third, details of your posting will be sent by email to the Bali Tourist Authority for them to forward as appropriate. This is not a service offered to us by them, they probably would prefer not to get involved. But as they have responsibility for the tourism industry of Bali, and as all reports are most likely to affect tourism rather than anything else, they clearly have a responsibility in this respect.

Forth, if the person, business or government department you have posted about disputes your posting content in part or in full, they are able to email us with their challenge / claims. We will then forward this to you, so that you may substantiate your claim. E.g., If you were to post that you stayed at a certain hotel and that it was terrible for given reasons, and the hotel denied this and that you ever stayed with them. We would require proof from you of your booking / stay, etc. If you have chosen anonymity, we will not disclose your details to the other party.

Fifth, if then the person, business or government department you posted about can provide suitable 3rd party affirmation of their side, we will contact you and require you to provide clear proof of what you posted. Or, if you are not able to do so, invite you to contact the other party directly (and copy us) until the truth becomes clear. If you could or would not do this under these circumstances, we would then have no choice but to remove your posting.

Please do not become a victim or part of the problem. Read:
Bali Tourism (Should I go, where, and how do I avoid adding to the problem / putting myself / my family at risk in Bali?).

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